Business Insurance Classes


Business Insurance Classes

General Accident

Under our General Accident Product offerings, we provide compensation for losses associated with accidental loss of life or injuries as well as other pecuniary losses…

Linkage Automobile Insurance

Linkage Automobile Insurance provides cover for loss or damage resulting from ownership and use of all forms of automobile vehicles licensed to operate on Nigerian…

Compulsory Insurances

This policy provides indemnity against legal liability of the insured as damages and legal cost and expenses in respect of construction risk caused by Negligence,…

Oil and Gas Insurance

Our module of Oil/Gas and Energy insurance product offerings are as numerous as the diverse nature of operations in this highly technologically driven industry...

Liability Group

Our Liability Product offering offers protection for different forms of legal liabilities including vicarious liability (but excluding automobile liability) against damages ...

Marine and Aviation

We have different policies designed to cater for the various risk in these modes of transport...

Agric Insurance

Our agricultural insurance is designed to provide comprehensive protection for the risk exposures of the farmers and agribusiness enterprises.

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