Liability Group

Liability Group Cover:

Our Liability Product offers protection for different forms of legal liabilities including vicarious liability (but excluding automobile liability) against damages, awards, costs and expenses one may become liable to pay either as an individual or business owner/company in respect of accidental bodily injuries or accidental loss or damage to property due to faults, negligence, errors or omission committed by the insured.

Taking up our Liability Cover ensures that:

Your business is not crippled as a result unbudgeted civil litigation cost, awards and damages that can be brought against you by any member of the public
You can also benefit from our legal advisory services in the defense of any action brought against you or your business
You also enjoy the peace of mind needed to allow you focus on the area of your core business rather than the worries that is associated with litigation.

Specific types of policies designed to provide indemnity for the various liability risk are as follows:

General Third Party/Public Liability Professional Indemnity Product Liability Directors & Officers Liability Bailee (Warehousing) Liability

The policy provides indemnity against legal liability to third parties arising out of/or in the course of business operations, for damages costs and expenses incurred in respect of accidental death or bodily injury, and/or accidental loss or damage to third party property on or outside your premises.

Vicarious liability in respect of employees is also covered provided the negligence arose in the course of carrying out his official duties.

This policy is highly essential for those who are involved in providing professional services on behalf of their clients such as Auditors, Solicitors, Accountants and Doctors as it provides compensation for claims that may arise as a result of any negligence, omission or error committed in the conduct of their business

This has to do with legal liability to pay compensation for death, bodily injury or property damage to third party consumers of the insured product caused by any defect in handling or processing but not due to manufacturer’s faulty design, specification or formula

This policy provides indemnity to Directors and Officers in their individual capacities for legal costs, damages and expenses incurred that have arisen from claims bought against them personally due to wrongful acts as well as a reimbursement to the Company for such claims made against the organization which they are vicariously liable.

This policy provides indemnity essentially for loss or damage to property entrusted to the care of the Insured, his agents or employees occurring whilst such goods are in their custody due to the fault, negligence, errors or omission of the Insured or his agents and employees.

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