Property Insurance

Property Insurance:

Whether an individual or a corporate organisation, the financial burden of losing a property or an income generating asset can be quite disastrous. The loss can occur as a result of such perils like Fire, Theft/Burglary; Lightning; Explosion; Riots; Flood; Storm and other natural occurrences.

These losses can also result into business discontinuity with the attendant loss of income. Our Property Insurance Cover provide a wide range of protection for your financial and insurable interest on those hard earned properties under different policies such as:

Fire and Allied Perils Policy
Theft/Burglary Policy
House Owners and Householder Comprehensive Policy
Industrial Allrisk (Material Damage) Policy
Allrisk Policy
Business Interruption Policy
Extension to Cover the interest of Financiers and Creditors
New for Old Replacement of Damaged Components of Plants and Machineries under Industrial Allrisk policy
Cost of Alternative Rent under a Fire or Householder policy
Risk Management Advisory services
Limited Terrorism Cover as an extension under Fire or Industrial All risk

Policy Sections

Fire & Special Perils Burglary/Theft House-Owners / Householder Policy All Risks Business Interruption

Fire Policy covers your building, furniture, equipment and electronics against material damage caused by fire, lightning strike or limited domestic explosions in the premises. It also covers other special perils listed below:

  • Fire including Lightning & limited Explosion
  • Explosion (Industrial)
  • Aircraft or Arial Devices
  • Riots, Strikes, Lock-out
  • Malicious Damage
  • Earthquake or Volcanic Eruption
  • Storm, Tempest & Flood
  • Bush Fire
  • Escape of Water from any Tank, Apparatus or Burst Pipes
  • Impact by any Road Vehicle Or Animal

The policy also provides free cover of up to as much as 15% of the sum insured for contents temporarily removed from premises for repairs.

Burglary Insurance policy is designed to protect you against loss or damage to property caused by a theft that involves the forcible and violent breaking into or out of the premises.

The property covered by this policy are usually the content of the building within the insured premises such as furniture, fixtures and fittings, equipment and electronics, personal effects, generators etc.

You can buy this insurance for both residential and non-residential premises.

The House-owners section of the policy is specifically designed to provide cover for buildings, flats and other types of residential accommodation.

The Householders section is specifically designed to cover household goods of every description, including furniture, fixtures and fittings, equipment and utensils and personal effects of every description, property of the insured or for which they are responsible as contained in the specification or schedule of the insured items.

In addition, cover is extended to include Cost of Alternative Rent, Occupiers liability as well as Personal Accident cover for the Insured occupant and the spouse.

All Risks Insurance policy provides cover against loss of, or accidental damage to, portable items such as laptops, jewelries, wrist watches, rings, etc.

This is a comprehensive policy which provides indemnity to the policyholder against the accidental loss of, or damage to, such items caused by all perils (except for those specifically excluded – e.g. damage caused by wear or tear, gradual operating cause, process of cleaning or ironing, etc).

The cover is not restricted to particular premises or location where items are kept, but is operative within the specified geographical limit.

Business Interruption policy is meant to cover losses sustained by Business owners and organizations as a result of physical and material loss or damage to their operational premises with the attendant interruption in their normal business operation and incurring losses/expenses on the following areas:

  • Loss of Profit
  • Wages
  • Auditors fee

The physical and material damage are usually those occurring from the common perils insured under a Fire & Special Perils or Industrial All risk Policy.

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