Whistle Blowing Policy


Whistle Blowing

  1. Introduction
    • An important aspect of accountability and transparency in running a Company is a mechanism to enable all individuals, both staff members and parties external to the Company, to voice concerns internally in a responsible and effective manner when they discover information which they believe shows serious malpractice, fraud, misconduct, or wrongdoing by employees and/or management of the Company.


    • It takes courage to blow the whistle on wrongdoing at work and those brave enough to raise their concerns are putting their livelihood, friendships, and health on the line. In some cases, they might even be risking their lives. Thus, those brave enough to blow whistle on wrongdoing in Linkage Assurance Plc. (to be called “Linkage” or “Company” in this document) need to be protected against the likely pain and suffering they may face.


    • This Policy has been drawn up to ensure that mechanisms exist whereby concerns raised by staff members and/or parties external to Linkage will be addressed quickly and effectively. This Policy also sets out the recommended course of actions which whistleblowers should take if a matter is not addressed or if they feel that raising this internally could result in evidence of malpractice being concealed.


    • This Policy and the procedures contained within it are non-contractual and may be modified or withdrawn at any time.


  • The Policy should be read in conjunction with the procedural documents outlined in the “Related Documentation” in page 1.

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