Marine and Aviation

Marine and Aviation Insurance:

The Commercial and Industrial sector of the nation’s economy is dependent on a functional inter/intra modal transport system through the land, rail, sea and air, all of which have their peculiar associated hazards. We have different policies designed to cater for the various risks in these modes of transport namely:

Marine Yacht/Speed Boat Aviation Aviation Fueling Liability Airport Owners/Hangar Keeper’s Liability
This policy covers maritime risks. The two major divisions of this cover are Marine Cargo and Marine Hull.
Marine Cargo covers shipment of goods or consignments across international waters/boundaries from the port of origin or warehouse to the destination port or warehouse against loss or damage to the goods being transported. Cover could be arranged on Allrisk basis (ICC ‘A’) or restricted/Specified Perils basis (ICC ‘B’ or ‘C’).
Marine Hull covers Ship, Boats or Vessels and their Machineries and provides indemnity against loss or damage to the vessels against maritime risk. Such cover can be either on Voyage or Operational basis. The former covers accidental damage to the vessel while in transit (usually from the point of purchase to where it will be put into use); whilst the latter covers accidental damage to the vessel while in use.
This policy can be extended to cover:
  • Loss or damage to the trailers carrying the boat while in transit
  • Loss or damage to the boat during land transit
  • Pollution caused by seepage or oil pollution
  • Third party liability for death, personal injury and damage to/loss of property
  • The cost of replacing/repairing sails, masts, etc and loss/damage caused while participating in racing events
  • Injuries sustained by any person engaged in water skiing
  • Medical expenses incurred for death or personal injury
  • Accidents to passengers (including death or personal injury)
  • Loss of or damage to personal effects

This is designed to provide cover against loss or damage to the policyholder’s boat/yacht or pleasure craft caused by Accidental damage; Fire, Lightning or Explosion; Theft or attempted theft following a forcible entry; Malicious damage including liabilities connected with the use and operation of the boat/craft.

The major sections of this cover are Aviation Hull and Liabilities. The Hull section provides cover for aircraft against accidental loss or damage arising whilst the aircraft is in flight, taxying, on ground and/or moored.
The Liability section indemnifies the Insured for legal liabilities to third parties resulting from accidental injury or death or damage to property caused by the aircraft or objects falling therefrom. It also includes compensation for crew and passenger liabilities in line with statutory obligations and international conventions.

This provides cover for the Insured’s Legal Liability consequent upon or in connection with their business as suppliers of aviation petroleum products and the fueling, refueling, defueling, lubrication of aircraft for bodily injuries or damage to property.

This policy indemnifies the insured’s liability for damage to aircraft or spares stored for safekeeping but usually not belonging to the Insured but for which they are responsible as well as loss of or damage to property of others.

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