Our Strategic Posture

Our Strategy is to consistently grow our revenue and deliver strong returns and excellent customer experience while leveraging technology, strategic alliances, and capabilities/insights to provide world-class insurance & risk management solutions. Our guiding principles are our Core Values and vision. They underpin our desires, ambitions and aspirations aimed at reinforcing the trust of our stakeholders.


Our Strategic Intent

Linkage Assurance PLC has the strategic intent of crafting a niche for itself and becoming one of the market leaders in the non-life insurance market in Nigeria. We recognized that the success criteria for an insurance company are a declining expenses ratio, good risk management and high /diversified distribution efficiency. Digitalization, innovation, and utilization of new and efficient technology are also important means for achieving Linkage Assurance PLC success criteria.
The achievement of these require crafting of a strategic road map that enables us to realize both short- and long-term objectives including achieving desired monthly, quarterly, and annual targets and outcomes


Our Strategic Focus

Our core strategic focus is to grow both top and bottom lines (gross premium income and profit). It is also our intent to be one of the top 5 insurance companies in the non-life segment of the market. We intend to achieve these from the focal point of our 4 strategic themes, utilizing both technology, dynamic capabilities, scale benefits and customers relationships.


Our Value Propositions

Our Service Proposition is to give our customers peace of mind through need-based insurance solutions and exceeding their expectations. We are committed to this by seeking to understand their risks and business objectives and providing insurance services to them.
Here is our value proposition:

  • There is no one size fits all insurance product
  • We listen to your needs
  • We place people before policies
  • We would rather educate you than sell you

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